The list of reasons presented through facts why motorcycles are safer than cars

Many say that motorcycles cause more accidents and so there are those who want to ban motorcycles in some parts of the highways or roads. They say that it would be safer if only other vehicles are traversing the way and that they make effort so that their voice could be heard and addressed. But if we also look into the other perspective, we can see that it is not entirely right because of some facts and figures that contrasts their statement. Here are the facts.

In the infographic is the comparison of the accidents that concerns about the motorcycles and the cars. You can see that there are more accidents that had happened and are fatal for the motorists as compared to the motorcycle riders. It means that their claim is not valid as more accidents are encountered by motorists or other drivers and the number of fatalities are more than the motorcycles. It is already a concern that most accidents happen in intersections. Both drivers must be serious and learn to practice safety tips.

As accidents could not be avoided so wearing the full body protective gear would give you a safer ride than wearing ordinary clothing without any other things like a helmet. For others, the helmet is a burden because it is very hot in their area. that is why they chose not to wear it. But if it can help in saving lives then it is highly recommended as it can involve innocent people. And this leaking company will help and serve you best. Check more 祥發 from here. This is so helpful.