Motorcycling and the Rider’s Gear

Motorcycling is for both fun and enjoyment. However, the rider must be careful always while driving. In order to protect himself, he needs to wear motorcycle gear. But still, there are those who don’t want to wear gear thinking that they are safe without it. Motorcycle gear is for the rider’s safety and protection in case of an accident. Since safety is the first, a rider must not become like a fool. He must be fully protected by wearing a complete gear.

Then, what should a rider wear to protect himself?


The head is the most sensible part of the body. This part must not be exposed because once an accident happens without any protective gear, the rider will be in a critical condition. This is why a rider must wear a helmet to protect his head from any injury.


Before buying a helmet, make sure that it has a face shield. It will be your face’s protection from any irritation or distraction. And in case someone will throw stone at you wanting to hit your face, you can still save your face.


It is for your hands’ comfort. Protect your hands from any scratch or injury in case of an accident by wearing gloves.

Jacket and pants

This is still for your protection to avoid severe damage when you face accident.


It will be for your feet’s comfort and protection.

Don’t be like a fool who is hard-headed. Wear proper protective gear for your own safety. You might be an expert in driving, but who knows what will happen later?