The European status: The reasons why crashes and accidents occur

As there are many accidents that are happening that is why they made a study to find out the reason why many happen even if it is considered safe to ride and use a motorcycle as long as you know how to drive it. Motorcycle riding is already popular around the world and many of the people also like to ride one. In this article, it talks about the country of Europe. This is their situation about the motorcycle riding in five countries in Europe


In this infographic, you can ride many statistics or facts that form about the riding of a motorcycle. the crashes and the accidents. The man error is the number one cause of accidents on a motorcycle. There is a difference in rank between the error committed by the rider and the error caused by the other vehicle. Most accidents that happened involves another vehicle. Check this great agency to help you look info here 泰雅旅遊. They occur most of the time in intersections and they occur in the direct path of the driver and they do not have time to avoid it.

In the statistics, there are more of riders who tried to avoid collission but the other drivers made no effort to avoid the collision. But even if there are many collision that is caused by hitting with other cars there is also a big percentage of those who had accident alone. There is also the cause of fixed objects that can cause riders to have an accident like animals and barriers that they cannot immediately avoid.