A Guide to use a Motor

Motorcycling is one of the fastest way to lose life. So careful use of motorcycle is necessary. Here is the tutorial on how to use motorcycle.

A motorcycle has many parts and you are going to check on all these parts just to make sure that you will not be able to encounter any problem. What you have to manage in riding a bike is the clutch lever, gear shifter and power.

Wear necessary gears whenever you ride a bike like helmet, boots, gloves and so forth that protect your body. This is the first thing that should never be forgotten.

Clutch. The clutch lever is to help you hold on to the motorcycle. This one will also help control in the speed of the motorcycle, helps you when you stop and when you run.

Gear shifter will help you start the bike and it sounds when you shift and it is found at the bottom part of the bike. To start:

Turn the bike power on. At the time you turn it on, it should sound. Light for neutral turns on and this is your guide to go on.

Pull on the clutch in. The reason why you have to pull the clutch in is to go with the first gear.

Gear Shift. In shifting, there are 6. While pulling the clutch in, you also do the the first gear. The first gear is to push the shifter down. After you do the first gear, the neutral light should turn off. Do the second gear, by pulling up the shifter and the neutral light turns on. Run the motorcycle and take care.